U!R Commons Lecture Series

Invitation to the U!R Commons Lecture Series hosted by the U!REKA Lab: Urban Commons. U!REKA is a consortium of eight European universities of applied sciences in Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Ghent, Helsinki, Oslo, Ostrava and Lisbon established in 2016. The universities partner in various ways to educate, shape and empower the European professionals of tomorrow. One […]

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U!Lab Expo @ Frankfurt 16.-21.07.2020

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Ausstellung des U!REKA Lab: Urban Commons im Forum des Deutschen Werkbunds Hessen, Weckmarkt 5, 60311 Frankfurt am Main, am Freitag 17. Juli, Samstag 18. Juli und Dienstag 21. Juli 2020. U!REKA Lab: Urban Commons Preview am Donnerstag 16. Juli um 18h. Eröffnung am Sa 18. Juli um 14h. Öffnungszeiten s. u. und zusätzlich 17., 18. […]

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U!REKA Lab: Urban Commons

The U!REKA Lab: Urban Commons is a joint project of the U!REKA partner universities in Amsterdam, Ghent, Frankfurt, Helsinki and Lisbon. Established in 2019, this international and interdisciplinary blended learning and research project deals with urban commons and focuses on different co-creation initiatives in these cities. Current and future activities During its first operational year […]

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