U!R Commons Lecture Series

12. März 2021 KuM Comments Off

Invitation to the U!R Commons Lecture Series hosted by the U!REKA Lab: Urban Commons.

U!REKA is a consortium of eight European universities of applied sciences in Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Ghent, Helsinki, Oslo, Ostrava and Lisbon established in 2016. The universities partner in various ways to educate, shape and empower the European professionals of tomorrow. One of the key elements within this network is the joint program U!REKA Lab: Urban Commons. Since last year it offers an online curriculum for bachelor and master students in different disciplines.

To broaden our knowledge on Urban Commons, to inspire students, teachers and other people on the concept of commoning and to present the U!REKA Lab, we are organizing the monthly U!R Commons Lecture Series. We invite experts on commons from several European countries, who will look at the concept from a different perspective, discipline or organization.

All lectures start at 15.00 (CET) – 16.30 and will be held online on ZOOM.

Please register here to get the Zoom link and password

22 March Introduction to the commons
Prof. Dr. Tine De Moor (Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University)

19 April Substantial communities: Multigenerational co-housing as a commoning practice?
Dr. David Scheller (Potsdam UAS)

17 May How can citizens organize themselves as a collective intelligence to master a common future in a sustainable way?
Prof. Dr. phil., Dipl. theol. Gerd Döben-Henisch (Frankfurt UAS)

31 May How is urban commons related to food?
Dr. Tarmo Pikner (University of Tallinn)

28 June Can arts and cinema support collective urban action?
Luís Miguel Fonseca (Politécnico de Lisboa)